1. Ownership of the Website:

The website (hereinafter, the "Website") is the property of the company TRIVIUM REAL ESTATE SOCIMI, S.A. (hereinafter “TRIVIUM SOCIMI”) of registered office at Calle Goya, 22, 3, 28001 MADRID, holder of Tax Identification Number A88163969, and registered in the Companies Register of Madrid, Volume 38.158, folio 93, Section 8, Sheet M-679.039, 4th entry.

2. Access to the Website:

Access to the Website entails acceptance by the User of these General Conditions of Use, and as a result any User not agreeing there with must refrain from accessing the Website.

3. Release from Liability:

- Release from Liability for the Content of the site:

TRIVIUM SOCIMI does not guarantee the updating, accuracy, integrity or quality of the information provided. TRIVIUM SOCIMI will accept no liability for any tangible or intangible damages resulting from use or non-use of the information provided, or the use of any inaccurate or incomplete information. TRIVIUM SOCIMI expressly reserves the right to modify, supplement or delete publications on a temporary or definitive basis without prior notice.

- Release from liability for Use of the Website:

TRIVIUM SOCIMI does not guarantee the availability of the Website. TRIVIUM SOCIMI declines any liability as a result of damages or losses of any kind that might result from a lack of availability or continuity of the functioning of the Website. TRIVIUM SOCIMI does not confirm in advance the absence of viruses or elements in the content that could cause alterations to the Software or Hardware of Users visiting the Website and will therefore bear no liability for any damages or losses of any kind that might result therefrom. TRIVIUM SOCIMI is under no obligation to monitor the usage made by Users of the Website, of the Services or of the Content. TRIVIUM SOCIMI declines any liability for any damages or losses of any kind that might result from usage of the content by the User.

4. Obligations of Users:

The User is obliged to make reasonable use of the Website and its content, in accordance with the possibilities and purposes for which it was devised. Users in particular undertake to make appropriate and lawful use of the Website, and of the content and services, in accordance with: (i) the applicable legislation at the time in question; (ii) the General Conditions of Use of the Website; (iii) generally accepted good practice and morality, (iv) public propriety (v) the terms established in these General Conditions of Use.

TRIVIUM SOCIMI will bear no liability, whether direct or indirect, resulting from misuse of the Website or its content on the part of the User, the latter party accepting in all cases, subject to his/her own responsibility, any consequences, damages or actions that could result from access to or use of the Website or the content posted, and the reproduction or communication thereof.

Users undertake to make diligent, proper and lawful use of the content. Access to or usage of the Website and its content for unlawful or unauthorised purposes is strictly forbidden, and the User will therefore bear sole liability for any consequences thereof.

5. Links:

TRIVIUM SOCIMI declines all liability for the content of external pages. As a result, in the event that the Website includes links to other webpages, despite its conscious decision when choosing the links provided, TRIVIUM SOCIMI does not accept any liability for external links or their content. In the event that external links present unlawful, defective, deceitful or incomplete content, the owner of said pages will be liable, and will likewise bear liability for any possible damages caused by the use of said content. Unless TRIVIUM SOCIMI has previously and expressly authorised otherwise, no link, hyperlink, framing or similar device may be included to redirect to the Website.

6. Intellectual and Industrial Property:

TRIVIUM SOCIMI is the holder of all intellectual and industrial property rights over the Website. A prohibition applies to all forms of reproduction, distribution, public communication, modification and, in general, any act of exploitation of all or part of the content (images, text, design, indices, forms, etc.) comprising the Website, the software required for the display or functioning thereof, without the prior, express, written authorisation of TRIVIUM SOCIMI.

7. Data Protection:

TRIVIUM SOCIMI hereby announces that its Website does not gather or in any other way process the Personal Data of any users who might visit or interact on its Website, and will therefore not be subject to the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016 (the "GDPR"), and all other legislation regarding the protection of personal data.

8. Changes and Modifications to the Website:

TRIVIUM SOCIMI reserves the right unilaterally, at any time, and without prior notice, to modify these General Conditions. TRIVIUM SOCIMI may likewise suspend or eliminate any aspect of the Website, or access to certain functions or content of the Website, whenever it might deem appropriate, and without prior notice. TRIVIUM SOCIMI may also restrict access to all or to certain parts of the Website without prior notice.

9. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction:

Use of the website will be governed by Spanish legislation. Any dispute that might arise in connection with use will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.